ECOsmarte Spa Systems - Testimonials

Note: All the Spas ECOsmarte sells are Hydrotherapy Spas


Arizona 2016


Anchorage, Alaska 2016

I live in Alaska and have an indoor, vinyl lined swimming pool and tile hot tub. I chose the Ecosmarte fully automated system for my pool and hot tub. Both systems were brought on line summer 2006 and have performed far better than I imagined. Not long after the initial set up and establishing the correct water chemistry parameters, the system operated optimally with minimum maintenance and cost. Whether it be family members or guests, everyone appreciates the chemical free water and not smelling like chlorine after a swim or tub.

Whenever I had questions regarding system operation or water condition, a call to the staff at Ecosmarte would resolve my troubles. These individuals are knowledgeable, courteous and ready to help.

I can highly recommend Ecosmarte to prospective purchasers who are considering chemical free water sanitation in lieu of chlorine or salt treatment for their pool or hot tub.

Gary Bosough


El Paso, Texas 2015

My partner and I live in El Paso County.   The water is ok but nothing compared to the water from the Purity Bay water filtration system we purchased from your company.  I have bottled water straight from my sink.  No more having to buy bottles which not only pollute our planet but cost a lot of money.  Also no more carrying those heavy and bulky 5 gallon containers to put on the water cooler which is a quite difficult task might I add.

Not only am I drinking pure clean good tasting water but at the same time I am saving a lot of shelf space in the fridge and pantry from having to store bottled water and the 5 gallon containers (I had 6 of them).  The fact that the water is super clean it allows me to rinse all my fruits and vegetables straight of the sink making every dollar that I spend on organic veggies worth it.

Everyone that has come into my kitchen has been served delicious water from my sink and has loved it!  I couldn’t be happier with the Reverse Osmosis in my kitchen.

We are also enjoying the water everywhere else in the home.  Our product consumption has been greatly reduced due to the fact that we no longer need to use so much shampoo, conditioner, etc.  One small drop the size of a dime will do.  I have really long hair, so another savings here.

My French bulldog has skin allergies and we have to use special shampoo which is rather expensive and I’ve noticed the consumption here has been drastically reduced as well.

We are really happy with this financial investment we made.   It’s one of those investments that will last you a lifetime and those are rare.

Aside from purchasing the Purity Bay water filter system we also purchased the Ecosmarte system for both our hot tub and swim spa and boy let me tell you, if I thought the Purity Bay filter was the best investment ever this completely doubles that.  It is like swimming in bottled water.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life.   I no longer have to be adding endless amounts of chlorine, shock, water clear etc.  Actually I don’t have to add nothing at all.  Just like that the water stays SUPER clean and NO chemical smells what so ever. The amount of money I will be saving here will pay for the Ecosmarte in no time.

I highly recommend the Ecosmarte system to any hot tub, swim spa or pool owner.  This system gets 5 stars plus….  Overall we are one happy-happy customer.   To anyone who reads this I say, investing in cleaner water is the best decision you will make in your life, your body is about 60% water and your skin is your largest organ, therefore treating it with high quality water is the best thing you can do.

S. Marquez

2014--Fourteen Year MN Spa Testimonial

In February of 2000 we purchased a Vita Spa with your Eco Smarte water purification system.

After a short learning curve on my part, I found it very easy to maintain and keep the water crystal clear. We are finally in need of replacing our copper bars in the system after 14 ½ years. This is the first maintenance we have had to do to the Eco Smarte system.

We are very satisfied with the Eco Smarte purification system and look forward to another 14 years of clear, clean water in our spa. We frequently recommend your system.

Thank you for your great product!

Dan and Suzy Klein

Texas 2012

I have attached photos of our prototype spillover spa and basin, before and after we installed the ECOsmarte Spa Turbo Unit! The photos are not retouched except to enhance the color, not the cloudiness!!

David Turner


Westchester County, New York 2011

Where do I start? Having a spa is great, but having a a spa with the ECOsmarte System is superior. No chemicals, none. Having children, ECOsmarte puts our minds at ease, knowing they aren't getting exposure to chlorine or bromine. Just water. Not to mention the smell. There is none with ECOsmarte. It's very easy to maintain too. No more then a spa that uses chemicals, maybe less. I tell everyone I know they should get a spa with the ECOsmarte system installed. You can't beat it. We love our spa with the ECOsmarte system.

Thanks ECOsmarte,

The Buonadonna's


January 2007

Dear ECOsmarte,

We love our new ECOsmarte Chlorine-free Spa System. The chlorine used to make my wife sick, and leave our skin dry. Now the water feels soft, leaves our skin feeling soft, and there's no strong chlorine odor. We're using our spa nightly. As a result, we're relaxed and sleep like babies through the night. It's one of the best investments we've ever made!

Tim Verhelst
Anchorage, AK


Manasquan, NJ

October, 2005  

Dear ECOsmarte,

My husband and I have Clearwater Spa that we purchased from Adventure Spas almost two years ago. My husband has spoken to you about the proper maintenance and cleaning of the copper anodes that are that are in the spa as part of the ECOsmarte System, and is very meticulous about maintaining it well. I have to say we love your system, as it adds to the great clarity of our water, without the harsh smell of the chemicals. Thanks for making such a great product!

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Smith and Douglas Smith


October, 2003  

We had the ECOsmarte system installed on our new hot tub. I’m still learning how to use it, but it is so nice not to smell like bromine after using the tub, the water is so fresh. 

Bill D


June, 2003  

This is a brief note to ECOsmarte to let them and all their current and potential customers know, what a wonderful product their water purification system is. We purchased our spa and purification system in June of 2000 and I must admit, were quite skeptical of the whole “chlorine-free” claim. Well after 3 years of usage we are no longer skeptical. We are advocates of the system and offer up our story to anyone who we know to be considering purchasing a spa or pool system. We love the simplicity of the maintenance and obviously adore the fact that we are not subjecting ourselves, our family or guests to toxic chemicals.

Thank you and best regards, 

Mary and Larry Cecchini

St. Paul, MN




Thanks for your advise on the tub. We have enjoyed our tub for over 9 years. 7 of those years have been with the ECOsmarte system. We have enjoyed our tub so much more with out all those chemicals.

We have now turned 6 of our friends into ECOsmarte followers.

Thanks Again!

I have enclosed the control box for your review. Please make the required repairs and send it back to us. We are lost without it!

Jeff & Andrea Van Slembrouck
Oakland Township, MI



Dear ECOsmarte,

I purchased my Hot Tub from R+L Big Spring Spas on January 28, 2003. It was at that time they left me the info on the ECOsmarte Product. My hot tub is in a heated sun room, so it has warm weather access at all times. I have had the ECOsmarte installed and I am very happy with it. Especially I like the softness and feel of the water.



Dough Eileen




May, 2003    


We like our spa very much are pleased with its performance but have had a few problems with it. Our spa has been placed outside and has held up well. When we have had a problem and visited the store in Apple Valley the people working have been very friendly and answered all our questions and showed us how to operate things that were confusing to us. We really enjoy our spa.

Bob and Bev Benner
Omania, Minnesota


April 6, 2004

A hot tub is a luxury that we never thought we could afford, but my husband found a 20 year old one that our local Sundance Dealership checked out and said it worked great.

Then the realization about all the chemicals settled in came... I am sensitive to them and did not like the idea of luxuriating in them.

The ECOsmarte system provided a solution. We had a longer than normal time for clearing the pipes of residual chemicals, but finally the water is soft and clear.


Karen Ferber,

Bayside, CA



Dear Sir’s                                  Turbo Spa Unit

We purchased a Sundance spa with the ECOsmarte System and we are very happy with the easy way to maintain the quality of water. We would recommend it to any one with a spa. 

J.C. Hansen
Windham, CT


January, 2003

We just had the ECOsmarte system and spa installed in our new home – Everything seem to be working fine. Our home is located on Bone Lake in Wisconsin. Your fellow that came out was friendly and helpful.


Bone Lake, WI



 Although we have had and used the Spa only for a short time, I'm quite pleased thus far with the ECOsmarte system if only not to have the chlorine smell and fell after using the tub. 

Larry and Linda Johnson
Liberal, Kansas



We have 2000 Artesian Spa. The first year of use with Baqua spa chemicals was good. After that we became dissatisfied with the water conditions, especially the odor. When friends of ours had an ECOsmarte system installed and said it was wonderful, we had to try it. After some difficulties with our spa right after the installation, was taken care of, our water right now is wonderful, clear, clear, clear.

Richard C


October 9, 2002

Dear ECOsmarte,

We really enjoy the ECOsmarte system on our spa. We have saved a lot on chemicals, and there is never any chemical smell. All I do is put a tablespoon of Muriatic Acid every few days to keep the PH in check, and then use some MPS or clarifier every once in a while when water clouds up.



Gerald Bell

Arlington, VA


August 3, 2002


We bought our spa 1 year ago. After using it for 4 months I developed a bad skin problem. Sores and painful itch haunted me every minute. We were ready to sell the tub when our dealer suggested the Ecosmarte system. Now the rash has gone away and we are once again enjoying our tub.

Gene M.



We installed the ECOsmarte system in our new hot tub. We have always wanted a hot tub but we did not like all of the chemicals in them. We now love the water in our tub without the chemicals. 

Karla Butchers

Lewis Town, MT



I have the ECOsmarte installed on an outdoor spa. I fill it with soft well water. The ECOsmarte is so simple and it is hard to believe that I don't need any chemicals, smelly caustic poisons. I use vinegar to adjust the pH and a pinch of alum keeps the water crystal clear. The only drawback is cost of the system. I'm just glad that I can afford to own it.

Ronald Holmes
Igo, California




Since I bought my ECOsmarte Hot Tub my back, knees, joints etc have felt better than they ever have, as I have worked in construction all my life. My friends have also enjoyed it as much. I used to go to the chiropractor at least 2-3 times a week, now my chiropractor says that I'm doing fine and he misses me as I don't visit him as often. 

Thank you.

Roger Hollister
Eau Claire, WI


September 4th, 2001

Dear Sirs,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased we are with our new spa with the ECOsmarte system that we just installed in our home.

Having had a spa in our last home, we know what an inconvenience it is to constantly have to deal with chemicals to keep the water clean. With a chemical system, you not only invest your time in maintaining the water quality, but you also have an additional financial investment for the chemicals and the hassle of having to go out and buy them.

Having the ECOsmarte system installed in our spa has saved us time and unburdened us of the constant chore of measuring and adding chemicals to our water. The added bonus that we have found is our skin is so soft! In the past we've noticed a drying effect the chemically treated water would cause, but with ECOsmarte, it is just the opposite. Our skin feels like we've just stepped out of a moisturizing bath.

Thank you for showing us the benefits of having an ECOsmarte system installed in our spa, we'll never go back to chemicals again.


Tom LaCourt


July 16, 2001

Dear ECOsmarte: I absolutely LOVE my new spa with the ECOsmarte system.  My skin is so soft and smooth and my fingernails are strong and healthy.  I love how easy it is to maintain.  But most of all I like that there is no chlorine smell.  We use the spa everyday and have shered it with many friends and neighbors, they all marvel at the purification system.  I researched very carefully before making my purchase.  I visited 7 different spa stores; I asked lots of questions and compared options.  The ECOsmarte system was the best choice I could have made.

Kris Hanson
Richfield, MN


March 25, 2001

Attn: Rick, Larry & Jim

This letter is to express our pleasure with the ECOsmarte Spa system that was installed on our hot tub a few weeks ago.  Since the installation, we have not had to use any bromine and the water has been crystal clear.  The advantages that we have noticed thus far have been that the water is silky, our skin stays soft, there has been no reason to have to rinse off after getting out, our suits have not faded, and the water smells fresh - not like bromine.

Your installation crew was experience, polite, and took the time to explain the system.  They cleaned up their work site and they were expedient.

We will definitley recommend the ECOsmarte to anyone considering switching to a non-chemical system.

Thank you,
Tim & Angela Geyer
Fenton, MI 48430


February 7, 2000


Before I found out about the ECOsmarte chlorine and bromine chemical-free hot tub system, I suffered from a skin rash caused from the chemicals in our hot tub. I slowed my use of the hot tub to once per week, but still suffered with the rash. One day we stopped at a store that advertised a chemical-free system on the store windows. After learning how the system works, we not only purchased the ECOsmarte system, but a new hot tub to go with the system. We have had our ECOsmarte system and new hot tub for 5 months and I use the tub every day without any problems to my skin.

The Millers
Rosemount, MN

June 29, 1999

Dear Joe,
Emerald 595 Classic
Source water: well

Just a note to let you know how happy Barb and I are about the deal we made with you on our new Emerald Spa.

A few years back, we went to the Home Show in Minneapolis and St. Cloud. We visited every spa booth at both shows. After many hours of talking with countless sales people we felt we had enough information to make an informed choice. We had settled on 2 or 3 Spas, however our first choice was an Emerald. Mainly because of the ergonomics of the seating, the overall appearance, and feel of quality.

Yes, we were sold on an Emerald Spa! However, all three of our choices were so expensive and we let the dream go. We decided to down scale.

Just about the time we were ready to settle for much less than we had dreamed of, we saw your advertisment for the 595 Classic Emerald. We were delighted with the price. We also like the idea of not having to chlorinate the water and relax in chemical-free water, due to your ECOsmarte water system.

Thanks again Joe and ECOsmarte. We eagerly await delivery of our new Emerald 595 Classic Spa. We know we'll enjoy many hours relaxing in our new spa.

Gratefully yours,

Steve & Barb Szech
St. Cloud, MN

January 6, 1999

Larry and Joe,

My wife Diane and I decided to purchase a spa in 1997. Realizing that a spa purchase would be a long-term commitment, our first goal was to search for a customer/business relationship that stood out from the crowd. We felt that if we were going to invest $5-$8,000.00 in a high quality spa, we would need to thoroughly research the spa market and determine what specific spa designs the industry had to offer. As we began our search, what we felt would be an easy process of elimination turned into a confusing ordeal. Every manufacture and dealer had a different twist with varied manufacturing techniques that left us confused and somewhat bewildered. Having an extensive industrial engineering background that dates +25 years, I was able to sort out functional spa designs from spas that incorporated engineering short cuts.

After nearly a year of research, I stumbled across Ecosmarte, which was undoubtedly the best telephone call I made in 1998. I then discovered they had a patent and EPA rating on water treatment that was highly distinguished in the water treatment industry and an absolute perfect fit for total non chemical spa use. I discovered to my surprise and satisfaction that Ecosmarte sold the Hercules Reflections Spa Line, which after shaking the spa industry apart I determined the Hercules Reflections Spa Line was the finest engineered spa for the money in North America. My search was nearly complete.

Larry and Joe from Ecosmarte spent literally hours on the phone answering questions and explaining their product with absolutely zero sales pressure. Even though Ecosmarte is located nearly 2000 miles from my home town in Northwest Montana, the expertise and total customer oriented business philosophy they have turned into an extremely rewarding experience for our family. We felt after purchasing our spa and water treatment system from them, the long term relationship and service is precisely what every business should strive for, complete customer satisfaction. Thank you Larry and Joe.

If anyone would care to E-mail me for further questions, you may do so at:

Randy and Diane Helgath
Whitefish, MT


March 31, 1999

Dear Mike,
I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how happy I am with the new Reflections Siesta spa you sold us and your chemical-free spa system. Your installer Sam was more than helpful in finalizing our install and delivery- despite the 200-mile trip. We use the spa frequently and cannot say enough how much we like your system and the spa. My daughter will be buying one from you shortly! 

Diane Carrier
Grand Rapids, MN


March 3, 1999

Dear ECOsmarte,

I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how happy I am with the new spa you sold us and your chemical-free spa system. Your installer was more than helpful in finalizing our install and delivery - despite the 200-mile trip. We use the spa frequently and cannot say enough how much we like your system and the spa. My daughter will be buying one from you shortly!



Diane Carrier

Grand Rapids, MN