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An Alternative Science to Water Softening and Reverse Osmosis
Point-of-Entry Water Treatment Equipment; Calcium, Bacterial and Scale Control.
Best available chemical removal technology.

Pure Water Without Toxic Chemicals.

The volume and quality of water not found in a reverse osmosis system ---
the protection no water softener can deliver. All of your water, hot and cold, indoor and outdoor with no consumables for five years.

With root technology from Apollo, only ECOsmarte® offers residual bacteria control.

1250 GPD Rainwater In-Line Model
2500 GPD Rainwater In-Line Model
30,000 Gallon Rainwater Recirculation Model

Cistern/Catchment Water Installation Configuration

 Proven Application Guidelines

With full three year warranty,
including filter media tank.
From a World Leader in CISTERN Treatment since 1994.

The Ecosmarte Ionic System Removes or Eliminates*:
Chlorine and its by-products (99.9 %) 
Lead and heavy metals 
Iron and iron stains (as high as 12ppm) 
Salt use and sodium 
Herbicides and pesticides
Radon (unit must be sized and quoted) 
Scale and lime build-up
Bad taste and odors
Bacteria and algae 
VOC's to 99.9%
Does Not Use ... and Does Not Need: 
Toxic chemicals, No Chemical Regeneration 
Catalytic conditioners 

Easy to Install 3 Year Warranty 100% Chlorine Free

*Within parameters as defined through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards in the use of Granular Activated Carbon for drinking water.

NOTE:  The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by ECOsmarte's
Water Treatment Systems are not necessarily in your water.

Bottled water quality to every faucet, indoor and outdoor, hot and cold. No consumables for five years or one million gallons.

The ECOsmarte line Point-of-Entry Products are an advanced method of water purification with state-of-the-art electronic ionization, oxidation, and multimedia filtration (Activated Carbon and Hydroxite). Single or dual electrode ionization has been used in industrial applications for over 50 years, but in conjunction with dual media filtrations and oxygen are the basis for our proprietary technology. Now the technical advances have made it economical and practical for residential application.

"The Ecosmarte System" replaces the use of water softeners, iron filters, chemical feeders, taste and odor filters, and eliminates the need for bottled water, or other water treatment methods. It will not restrict, limit or otherwise reduce your supply of water.

"The Ecosmarte System" has wide-ranging abilities and it is designed to treat all the water in your home or business, and eliminates the need for a salt softener or under sink reverse osmosis system and the related costs involving salt, filters, or membranes. Ecosmarte does not completely remove healthful beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and introduces low copper for bacterial control similar to NASA'a use of ionization in the Apollo space program.

"The Ecosmarte System" prevents minerals in your water from creating hard scale by electrically charging the minerals so they cannot bind together. Ecosmarte further conditions the calcium to keep it in its soft form as calcium bicarbonate. This Technology will also dissolve existing scale in your pipes, water heater, and plumbing fixtures. Calcium is reverted and kept in soluble bicarbonate form CA2H(CO3) and does not convert to the hard carbonate (CACO3) below 150 degrees F.

Corrosion Before & After Filer

Your Premium quality water will reduce chemical usage for dish washing, kitchen preparation and clean-up, tile and floors, bathrooms, and storage areas. This includes laundry and dishwater detergents, hair shampoos and hand soap.

Your Point-of-Entry increases equipment life and drastically reduces maintenance problems for water heaters, coffee makers, dishwashers, ice makers, and plumbing equipment. Energy costs will be reduced by equipment efficiency. The single greatest cause of mechanical equipment failure is scale and corrosion, which is eliminated by ionization, oxygenation and proper filtration. You'll love our water.

Ionization: A Major Health Benefit

A residual bacterial protection in all of your plumbing lines similar to the Apollo spacecraft.
The Ecosmarte System creates charged particles called ions. Mineral ions are safe and essential for humans, plants and animals, but are lethal to bacteria, algae, and some viruses. The mineral ions stop bacteria and algae from contaminating the dual media filter. Odors and tastes caused by bacteria will go away. A simple backwash valve will allow at least 5 years of residential life (1 million gallon rated) of your activated carbon. Replacement carbon can be obtained at nominal costs through us or our major retailers worldwide. For convenience you may purchase a complete tank and trade in the old. No replacement plumbing required. This unit is portable and can be easily be moved from one residence to another. Our standard system is sized for a 5000 square foot, 4 bathroom home.

Easy to Install: 3 Year Warranty

All models of "The Ecosmarte System" are easy to install, comparable to replacing a water heater. The main incoming line is accessed and all water is filtered, ionized and oxygenated. We have homeowners' assistance or licensed contractors available in most major U.S. cities, with a 1-4 hour estimated install time. Our technical support personnel are available six days per week, 12 hours per day to assist by phone with your installation. In Detroit, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Minneapolis we include the installation and up to 10' of new plumbing line with the purchase price.

Disinfection of Water

Today's water treatment methods rely on chemical disinfectants to prevent water borne diseases from becoming epidemic health problems. Chlorination (the primary water treatment chemical) has shown its ability to control the many water borne infectious diseases such as cholera, typhus and dysentery which could other wise run rampant.

Since its introduction into water treatment, chlorination has become almost the sole method used for active disinfection of water. This predominant position has been gained because of the recognized potency and acceptance of chlorine as a germicide by public health authorities. The Ecosmarte System removes this chlorination prior to consumption of the water and leaves a low level ionization in your pressure lines as residual protection against calcium, bacteria and virus. This technology and science was developed for the Apollo space program closed drinking water systems in the 1960's.

Chlorination and chemical control of simple biological organisms have proven useful and essential but we are learning the price we pay for the benefits of chemical control. The side effects of chlorine, bromine, aluminum, phosphates, chromates etc. cause adverse effects on human health and the health of our world environment.

Ecosmarte Point-of-Entry Goes Further Than Any Municipal Government

Municipal governments by state law are required to deliver you a quality of water regulated under federal law. We assume in our technology that they are coming up short. The federal standards ignore known health risks and are compromised by the infrastructure built with 1950's technology to deliver treated waste water as part of the "Municipal Brew" you are receiving in your home. Chlorine and chloroform are a known carcinogens and the accepted sanitation standard and method. Our system removes 100% of the chlorine and its toxic byproducts, and furnishes additional ionization and oxidation protection to your water when it sits in the pressure lines that are not active or when the homeowner leaves on vacation.

Ecosmarte Consumers Want Chlorine Out of Their Drinking Water

Chlorine is under attack not only from health conscious consumers and environmental groups, but also the federal government which is now enacting legislation to minimize and/or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals used as water disinfectants. The Disinfectant/Disinfection By-products Rule being drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency, primarily for municipal water treatment, will inevitably carry over to all forms of water treatment.

To meet requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, an increasing number of water utilities nationwide are switching to ozone as a primary disinfectant. This trend has clearly accelerated since the Cryptosporidium scare in Milwaukee. The new awareness of the environmental and human health concerns on the use of chlorine will require state health agencies to rethink and restrain the use of chlorine, bromine and other halogens for all forms of water treatment. The ECOsmarte System proprietary products will remove 100% of chlorine, bromine and other toxic halogens from water while leaving low level ionization in your plumbing to provide residual protection.

Well Water and Commercial Point-of-Entry Systems

The Best Non-Salt, Non-Chemical Technology.
Well water and commercial applications are uniquely handled by the Eliminator Dual Media Dual Electrode System. The system features additional electrodes for specific bacteria killing and a larger dual media tank or a possible third media tank. Comprehensive EPA/NTL analysisis required prior to shipment of these systems. Cooling towers and multiple system quotations are available. We have extensive experience at 60 gpm flow rates and product in-stock for immediate shipment. We use Watercheck® EPA/ETL sanctioned water analysis included with the price of every system and this system has the widest pH parameters for the treatment of manganese, iron, hydrogen sulfide and calcium in combination. No pH modification is necessary between 6.4 and 8.5.


Dual media, dual electrode.
Copper/Titanium/Platinum in the same chamber.
Our water valve puts power to the system 
whenever a faucet is opened or a toilet is flushed.


Copper and Titanium/Platinum in larger, separate chambers
Our water valve puts power to the system 
whenever a faucet is opened or a toilet is flushed.


Copper and Titanium in larger, separate chambers.
Dual media minimum, dual electrode, 
Dual Tank Watercheck (r) EPA Water Analysis
Factory Upgrades at No Charge
Based on Your Results

Request Pricing (Including Install) and Brochure

The titanium/platinum anode generates O2 oxygen whenever water flows.


Oxygen is "the Mother of Life" and the key to ECOsmarte's™ soft oxidation and water purification.


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