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No Salt, No Algae Pool Systems; BOTTLED WATER Spas™

$2,495 - $5,495

1-800-ION-SWIM  US, Mexico, Canada
(612) 866-1200 Worldwide

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Swim with no eye irritation.

ECOsmarte has no scale or hard water lines.

For Small or Above Ground Pools $1895

1 1/2" or 50mm systems,
110V or 220V








Works with Portable or In-Ground Spas,
200 to 2500 Gallons


Ideal for Wooden Hot Tubs That Are Damaged Normally By the Chemicals


Pure Water Without Toxic Chemicals

You are always in the oxygen mode unless your water test tells you to flip a switch to ionize for one day. NO constant introduction of Metal to your pool, NO silver to cause stains.

Replaces 11" of PVC Pipe,
on the return line of your pool, easy to install.

Titanium (oxygen) electrode is used 
4-6 hours per day
in pools, or whenever the spa pump runs automatically by 
pressure switch.

Automated Systems with CO2ph control available for Swimming Pools
(In-ground and above ground) as well as spas.

Natural Oxygen. 

Easier to use than Chlorine! Safer than Ozone.
More effective than Bromine or Bacquacil.

Ionization Plus Oxygen -- The Complete Technology

No Regular Chemicals to the Swimming Pool or Spa

You will eliminate: 
*Toxic chemicals 
*Health hazards 
*Offensive chemical odors 
*Damage to our environment 
*Damage to pool equipment 
Easy to Install 3 Year Warranty 100% Chlorine Free

 ECOsmarte® Chemical
Reduction Tips!

Sand Filter Replacement


Save Our Planet From Chemical or Chloride Backwash

With chemical maintenance of your pool, the mere bleaching of hair, drying out of the skin and the burning of the eyes should alert you to the health and environmental risks associated with chemical treatment of water. A salt chlorine generator will give you the unhealthy sodium as well as the chloride. 

ECOsmarte's 100% CHLORINE-FREE POOL System provides you with a chlorine-free alternative for water treatment today. Why expose your family and friends to the known risks of cancer causing agents? 

Test Your Water With ECOsmarte's Pool Manager

Included with every ECOsmarte Turbo

      Toll-free Support
      3 Years Warranty
      Owner Summary Printed in the Plastic
      Our cell lasts ten years versus salt cells that require replacement every 2 to 4 years

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Ecosmarte CloudEcosmarte Cloud

24/7 Interactive





ECOsmarte  has the only method that can sanitize your pool or spa without chemicals. Our system costs less than $1 per month to operate, not to mention electrical savings from reduced filtration. Once you install an ECOsmarte 100% Chlorine-Free System, you will have major savings by eliminating chemical expenses. Each unit comes with an easy installation and operation guide and six months toll free support at 1-800-ION-SWIM 

For spas and above ground pools (to 10,000 gallons), we also offer The ECOsmarte Chemical Free Spa System as an effective low cost solution. The system uses copper ionization, which has a faster and longer kill rate than chlorine or bromine. Just select the ionize button on your control box at fill up for 2-6 hours depending on the size of your spa. Natural oxygen is delivered to your spa at a rate ten times greater than ozone whenever the pump runs.

Use ECOsmarte's CO2 pH down (rarely if ever does ECOsmarte pool or spa require pH up), and no toxic chlorine, bromine, bacquacil or acid is required. The system pays for itself with no chemical expense over the life of your pool or spa, with no equipment damage due to chemical corrosion. The CO2 has even been shown to buffer pH in acid rains. If you currently use pH adjusters you will eliminate this completely.



And Generate Oxygen to Improve It Naturally.

We have the track record of over 25,000 CHLORINE-FREE POOLS since 1993 to prove it. Our oxygen AND ionization is superior to ionization alone, which is superior to chemical treatment. Ionic Purification requires no chemicals to sanitize. Ionization alone does not address the problems of body oils and suntan lotions, and does not control stains. Ionization can cause an erratic water balance and the process by itself requires chemical maintenance. Oxidation is required to handle your organics. ECOsmarte offers the complete technology with Ionic Purification, a two stage process: first the catadyne process that is similar to ionization and, second, the ECOsmarte anodyne process with chemical-free oxidation. Water balance is much easier to maintain, staining is also eliminated, and no chemicals are needed for disinfection. We accomplish this with our proprietary Titanium oxygen electrodes, requiring no halogen supplement. Our oxygen is a more powerful oxidizer

Over twenty years of in-field development in North America and product installed worldwide have involved us in almost every foreseeable problem with water chemistry. You, the pool owner or your service person will still need to do your normal pool housekeeping, and maintain your pH at water balance. We are the ECOsafe technology for the next millennium and our microbe kill rates have been documented by the National Institute of Health (through Los Alamos National Laboratories) and the FDA.


*Have Breakthrough, Proven Technology 

ECOsmarte takes a proven technology one step further, completely eliminating the need for sanitation chemicals or for adding toxic staining silver to your water. ECOsmarte's technology is superior to chemical treatment and more effective than any other alternative methods available. ECOsmarte has become a market leader in agricultural and well water treatment using no salt or chemicals, as well as the leading developer for advanced pool purification products and rooftop cooling systems. We have developed carbon dioxide using aquarium industry principles to eliminate acid as a pH down.

*Are Simple and Effective 

All of ECOsmarte's pool products are easy to install and come with complete documentation. They are backed up by ECOsmarte's satisfaction guarantee* and 3 year factory warranty. Our programmable system comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee*. The best interactive PHONE APP is FREE at the Apple Store and Google Play.

Our pool owners guide will instruct you or your service personnel on the exact method to achieve the most beautiful silky water you have ever experienced. You will never swim in chlorinated water again once you have discovered the state-of-the-art, halogen-free pool. If you simply wish to reduce your use of chlorine and have a sand filter on your pool our Glass Pack™ will turn your 100 micron sand filter into a 3 micron mirror water, filtering oxidized ammonia, chloramines, uric acid, and even dead skin cells and hair. 

Do It For The Environment, and Your Health 

At ECOsmarte we have a strong commitment to eliminate the unnecessary use of chlorine, brine, and toxic chemicals in the world today. ECOsmarte eliminates the need for all sanitation and disinfectant chemicals, and is a product that has no equal at any price in the water purification industry. We have thousands of satisfied customers that are doing their part for a healthier environment, healthier hair, healthier skin and healthier eyes. We invite you to join them!




If you're not completely satisfied or 100% Chlorine Free
We will gladly exchange the product for any piece of other equipment at similar cost.
(less any shipping or installation costs, plus 15% restock fee)
(99+% reached since 1997)

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.



Swimming Pool Testimonials

Standard Pool to 10,000 Gallons
You select "IONIZE" or "OXIDIZE."
Generates low DC voltage
amperage to electrodes.
Unit remains in oxidize always,
unless copper ppm falls below 0.4 ppm
Standard Turbo to 50,000 Gallons
You select "IONIZE" or "OXIDIZE."
Generates low DC voltage
amperage to electrodes.
Unit remains in oxidize always,
unless copper ppm falls below 0.4 ppm
Programmable Turbo 
to 100,000 Gallons* (with optimal extra cell)
Digital display to fully automate your
ECOsmarte® Pool with CO² pH Control
*Higher daily bather loads 
require additional equipment.
Installs to 50,000 gallons.

Installed in over 127 countries and all 50 US States since 1994



  • Input Voltage: 110V; 220V Available, 50 or 60 Cycle, CE Low Voltage Approved
  • Output Voltage: 30 VA Class UL CSA Compliance Power Supply, CE Low Voltage Approved
  • Ionization Electrode: 100% Pure Copper with coating
  • Oxidation Electrode: Proprietary Titanium composite material
  • Rated to 50,000 gallons, on Swimming Pool Models
  • Spa and Above Ground Pool Models 200 to 10,000 gallons
  • Koi/Waterfall Pond Units to 35,000 gallons
  • Pond and small Waterfall units also available at lower cost
  • Automated, Programmable Units to 100M gallon
  • US EPA Registered
  • Health Canada
  • APVMA Registered
  • The ONLY Alternative Sanitizer with all 3 Approvals
  • Commercial:

  • Input Voltage: 110V or 220V; 240V Available, 50 Cycle, CE Low Voltage Approved
  • Output Voltage: 100 VA Class UL CSA Compliance Power Supply. CE Low Voltage Approved, UL Pending
  • Oxidation Electrode: Proprietary Titanium composite material
  • Ionization Electrode: 100% Pure Copper with coating
  • Rated to 750,000 gallons, priced from $19,999. (Does not include CO)
  • Custom plumbing available, toll-free technical support
  • Hundreds of hotel, apartment complex pools online
  • NEMA 4 Equipment Enclosure
  • CO Systems incl. switchover tank manifold, addl. actual configuration costs quoted

    pH Down Without Chemicals
    The Automated Non-Chemical Pond

     Carbon Dioxide pH Control System
    ECOsmarte Planet Friendly, Inc.

    Eliminates ACID By At Least 90%

    Multiple CO² tank manifold available.


    Mount the system securely to a standard high pressure Carbon Dioxide cylinder. Attach the power cord to a 110V outlet in your timer or hard wired (DC Voltage) to the ECOsmarte Upgraded Controller. PVC injector check valve chamber should be plumbed into the return line in appropriate location as determined by installer and connected to the system with 3/8" flexible tubing included. The high pressure CO cylinders can be filled at any welding shop or microbrewery, or exchange at your ECOsmarte showroom. We Recommend a minimum tank size of 20lbs, refillable for $30.00 or less, with expected 4 to 6 week change outs. We offer a crossover manifold which allow two cylinders to automatically switch when one tank is empty.

    Operation and Maintenance: 24/7 Interactive Phone App

    The flow rate has been preset to meet maximum demand for CO pH control. The controller shall actuate the flow control solenoid valve to provide pH correction as determined by our factory preset proportional feed control logic. Maintenance of the flow control unit is minimal, normal care in cleaning is advised. Field information and research indicates that it is impossible to achieve a pH below 6.7, so choose 20 minutes per day to begin. Ranges are typically 20 to 40 minutes depending on pool size and source water. Increase or decrease time as phenol red pH tests dictate during the start up.

    The CO time will need to be adjusted to minimize cost of tank refills. The field experience indicates no need for pH sensors and their calibration and maintenance requirements. Customers should test twice weekly for the first 30 days.

    Click here if your application is a commercial swimming pool.

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