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Sand filtration is dead,
but your Sand Filter may not be!

Sand and Cartridge filters leave many undesirable and UNHEALTHY particles in your pool and require more chemicals. The particles accumulate as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). There has been only one option in the past to solve this problem: a diatomaceous earth filter. While DE filtration will afford you a healthy pool, it will not go without additional costs in DE powder and time. The average DE filter costs $899 and requires avid micromanagement during the pool season. Cartridges range in replacement cost between $300 online (Hayward) and $600 from the dealer (Sta-Rite). Jandy has a new ECOsmarte's cartridge they claim lasts 3 years; experience with all paper filters is 12 to 18 months (one or two seasons) cartridge life. A cartridge filter will not remove 9 micron silica or blood cells from a pool without a shock chlorination, level, turning a particle to vapor. Fortunately ECOsmarte offers the busy, health-conscious pool owner an INEXPENSIVE and invigorating option:

Glass Pack Replacement Filter Media. 
With ECOsmarte
you get the best of two filtration worlds: the convenience and simplicity of your old sand filter, and PREMIUM FILTRATION. The best part Glass Pack is compatible with your current sand filter, so you will not have to learn a new system.
Glass Pack
replaces your dead sand.

An average sand filter can catch particles as small as 100 microns.
A good cartridge filter can catch particles as small as 40 microns.

Dead skin and blood cells are smaller than 9 microns.

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ECOsmarte Recommended Filtration

In addition to filtering skin and blood cells, Glass Pack  when used in conjunction with ECOsmarte's Oxygen Technology will remove chloramines, nitrates, ammonia phosphates, iron, manganese, and filters giardia cyst and 75% of the bacteria known to man.
Glass Pack
  is another environmental and health technology brought to you from ECOsmarte.

Installed at ECOsmarte pools across the United States.
Glass Pack works great!!!

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Glass Pack is a Registered US Trademark In Over 20 Countries.