Canadian Testimonials


November 2016 - Pool
Ontario, Canada

My Ecosmarte system has operated perfectly for the last four years - like swimming in pure drinking water. I'm probably the only guy in my neighborhood who can safely empty his pool water into the municipal run-off without killing anything. Epic!

Skid Crease
Bolton, Ontario


July 2012 - Pool
Ontario, Canada

We absolutely love our system, it is so easy to maintain, and up in Canada, we are always sending relatives and friends when they go on holidays in the States to buy the copper bars or the Lamotte Test Kit, but we have bought the copper bars from your website, and it is time again to have them in stock for next year. The pool is crystal clear, the steps are brilliant white, and the system is flawless, we enjoy our pool without the mess of chlorine or salt.

The dog loves drinking the water and I water my tomatoes with the pool water on hot days.

All the best,

Joe and Kathy Perino
Ontario, Canada


2011 - Well Water
Saskatchewan, Canada

Our water had a very high mineral content. All of my dishes were getting such a discolored film on them that I was embarrassed to use them for company. I replaced my dishwasher because I thought it was not working properly, but the new one was staining and ugly within a few weeks. My tubs and toilets just would not come clean. I cringed every time David turned on the shower because it meant hours of scrubbing.

What a difference now. We installed the ECOsmarte Water System in mid April 2011 and I have not scrubbed since. There are no stains and no film build-up and no smell to the water. A quick wipe keeps things clean and shiny. Even my clothes are cleaner. You would wonder how they would hold a film layer.

I would not hesitate to recommend the ECOsmarte Water System to anyone if it keeps working like it has so far.

Thanks to Reg Derdall, Advanced Pure Water Systems.

Judy and David Focht
Raymore, Saskatchewan


2010 - Well Water
Alberta, Canada

I like our ECOsmarte system because it has eliminated all our salt usage, which is very harmful to our health, and all of our water heaters, faucets, coffee perks, ice machines, and quite possibly more than we know. We had to get rid of our water softener, because of all of our salt usage, our agronomist asked me if we could possibly try something different because our manure that we hauled to our fields. He said in a couple of years we might run into alkaline. So that's my reason for ECOsmarte. Beneficial to human health, and way less costly.

George, Green Acres Colony
Bassano, Alberta, Canada


2010 - Well Water
Saskatchewan, Canada

My wife and I purchaed and installed the ECOsmarte well water treatment system in our home in April 2009. Our well is fed from a river that changes daily, so we needed a system that could handle the changes without constantly changing the settings. We were impressed with the no chemicals added, safe treatment of the water and low maintenance.

Reg has provided us with great service before and after the sale and the toll free number is always there if needed. Thanks Reg for your recommendation of this water treatment system.

Arliss & Phyllis P.
Outlook, SK


2010 - Well Water
Alberta, Canada

My wife and I would like to express our satisfaction from our ECOsmarte water treatment system. We supposedly had safe drinking water before, but the chlorine taste and smell were terrible at times. Our municipal POE system does a wonderful job of eliminating chemicals which makes showers/baths much more enjoyable. Having pure water throughout our home is much appreciated.

We enjoy softer water without a slimy feeling. Dishes soak quicker, hair feels softer. Our water is now easy to digest. No more bloated stomach after a glass of water.

ECOsmarte water treatment systems have the least maintenance of any water system I have seen. I'm impressed.

Comie & Eva W.
La Crete, Alberta


2010 - Well Water
Saskatchewan, Canada

Dear Sirs,

The reason I like my ECOsmarte System is this! It's totally chemical free. I used to feed chlorine into our distribution system and the taste and smell was horrible. Also I have peace of mind knowing we wouldn't get cancer, like from chlorine. Another big benefit is that I have bacteria control all the way to the last tap. It also cleans up all my lines and water heater. I also had a guy in a health food store check out the water on his bio-feed machine and he said that he hadn't seen such clear, healthy water. So if it will last like you guys say it will, then we will have healthy, great tasting water for years to come! Which is a great thing!


Andy, Sovereign Colony
Rosetown, S.K. Canada


2009 - Well Water
Saskatchewan, Canada

Our family loves our ECOsmarte system! It has certainly handled our rust issues and helped to keep our sinks, toilets, tubs, etc. looking in top form. There is nothing like sparkling clean! Our favorite part of the system, the water is softened enough that we do not require a softener. No more carrying salt bags...a real bonus!

Yours truly,

Jodie Mirosovsky
Rosetown, Saskatchewan


2007 - Well Water
Saskatchewan, Canada

I am so pleased with my water system, thanks to ECOsmarte. I had terrible water, my water comes from a dugout. I had a lot of rust, the water stunk. I had tried numerous other water systems and water softeners. I still had bad water. I was getting frustrated. Then I was introduced to ECOsmarte Water Systems. I was intrigued with all the information and support that ECOsmarte staff gave that I purchased one. I am very pleased to say it works great. No more rust, stinky, hard water. My clothes are whiter, my dishes are cleaner, less detergent. What more can I say. I am now the Dealer for Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I am willing to help anyone get better drinking water. Please feel free to give me a call. My company name is:

Reg Derdall
Outlook, Saskatchewan
306-867-9461 (office)
306-867-8228 (fax)

To all ECOsmarte staff I will thank again. They are truly professional in the world of pure water.


2007 - Well Water
Alberta, Canada

After moving from Calgary in Aug/07 to an acreage at High River, Alberta, I started a search for a whole house water treatment system for wells that uses no chemicals or salts. After two months of searching and comparing numerous water treatment systems on the market today, Ecosmarte POE's (Point of Entry) kept popping up on the internet with nothing that could compare. I was so impressed that I took a dealership for the systems and after installing our POE Well Turbo, our water issues were gone. Softer water, no calcium build up, crystal clear water, no smell, no sand or silt issues, no staining, no contaminants present and the water tastes great. No high operating costs and very little maintenance.

Bob Derdall
High River, AB


August 2006 - Pool
Alberta, Canada

Dear ECOsmarte, 

Thought you should know that all of the Folks on the 1-800 telephone support line have been terrific. I live in Harrow Ontario, about 25 mites south of the Detroit-Windsor border. As you know, we are in the acid rain center of the world. Anyway, being a new ECOsmarte owner, I am pleased to let you know that we are very happy with our system. We have purchased the Automatic ECOsmarte system with the Co2 injection to be used with our new in-ground pool. We also implemented a Glass Filtration system. Upon opening our new vinyl lined pool with new cement patio all around it, we had cement dust and colorant in the pool which adds up to a very dirty pool opening. Within Days, the pool was clear.

Later in the summer, July 29th we had a family pool party. The pool was crystal dear that day and at the end of the day, with 40 people in the pool, the water had turned quite milky. I called Jeremy for advice the following day. He suggested that I could add 4 pounds of shock, or could just leave it for the day and let the system do the work. I opted to leave It and let the Eco Smarts do the work. The result is a clear pool the following day.

Many of our relatives and friends who have been in the pool have commented that "This is the nicest pool they have ever been in." In fact my son told me to never ever go back to chemical water treatment because there is nothing nicer to swim in than pure water.

Our family doctor, Dr. Thomas Barnard referred me to ECOsmarte. I told him that we were having a new in-ground pool installed and he immediately told me about ECOsmarte and that it is the only way to go. He has an ECOsmarte pool and Hot tub. He stated that chlorine is a known carcinogen and we should stay out of it.

With ail this being said, our Thanks to you, your telephone support staff and ECOsmarte. We look forward to another Crystal Clear summer of pool water.


Allen Fox

Ontario, Canada


December 2003 - Spa
Ontario, Canada

Last Spring (2003) I purchased your ECOsmarte system for my Jacuzzi Spa from Rick Rowe of Arcade Pools in Oshawa, Ontario.  Not only is Rick an excellent representative of your system, the system itself is wonderful.  The water is crystal clear and my skin does not dry out as it did when I used chemical disinfectants.  Also the awful smell of chemicals is gone leaving a silky, clean smelling water.

The initial cost for a spa unit seems, at first, to be a little high but I assure all your future customers that is well worth it.  I now use my spa every day.

I highly recommend your ECOsmarte system

Ray Hillier
Ontario, Canada


September 23, 2003 - Pool
Ontario, Canada

I purchased the ECOsmarte this year for our inground pool. After reading it in
advertisement, I was curious. Not using chlorine sounded great. After learning
more from the dealer, I was convinced to try it on the 60-day money back guarantee.
There was a difference. The water made our skin softer and the children enjoyed the
water without chlorine. They stayed in longer and didn't mind opening their eyes. Even
my son's friends at the ages of 10 commented on the chlorine free water. My daughter
started bringing goggles to her friend's pool because of the chlorine. At the beginning it was a change to get used to the system. I phoned the toll-free number and the service was always friendly and helpful. When the 60-days was coming to an end, the choice was obvious. My wife and I decided to keep it. Our children were enjoying their swim in the long run it is better for our health.

Thank You,

The Camick family,

Toronto, Ontario



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