Trinidad Testimonials



May 2011
Trinidad W.I.

I am writing to express how much our company is pleased with the ECOsmarte systems we have installed. York Garments Ltd. has worked with your system in our restaurant, Trader Jack and our villa, over the past two years, and ECOsmarte's system is truly the best.

The system is reliable, easy to service and has provided clean clear water for our indoor fish pond at our restaurant where we have koi which grew from very young fish (1 inch in size) to well over 8 to 12 inches.

When considering the cost, the product is surprisingly affordable as it requires very little maintenance.

We have two other systems installed at our villa in Tobago, one for the villa and the other one for the pool (about 30,000 gallons). They have both performed flawlessly.

Furthermore, thank you for your very quick and responsive support in providing the replacement control panel for the house unit after we suffered a major power surge from our power company, which damaged several of the appliances in the villa, including the ECOsmarte unit.

It is always a pleasure to work with companies that go the extra mile when supporting the products they sell.

Our board of directors agree that we will not consider any other brand of water purification system again. Thank you for developing such a quality product.

Michael Achim
York Garments Ltd.
San Juan, Trinidad, W.I.


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